Architectural Review Committee

Spring Creek has been planned to be a distinctive and unique community in the Charlottesville area. The ARC was established to provide guidance to homeowners and ensure the quality of the architecture, design, and landscaping in Spring Creek remains high. All owners receive a copy of the Spring Creek Architectural Design Guidelines when they purchase a house in Spring Creek. 

  1. Any resident or builder wishing to alter the exterior of any structure, including landscaping, fencing, sheds and home additions, must follow the procedure and guidelines described in that document. 
  2. An application must be submitted to the ARC members and the design approved before any building or alteration can begin. 
  3. Resident, requester or builder must be the owner of the property in order to submit an application. 
  4. Changes desired by a renter must be approved and submitted by the owner, not the renter. 
  5. Any project not submitted but has been started or completed is subject to fines, liens and/or removal. 
  6. All building codes and restrictions are expected to be followed. 

These requirements assure continuity within the community and help to retain property values for all.

The Architectural Review Process for New Construction and Home Modifications

  1. Read the Spring Creek Architectural Design Guidelines.
  2. Submit and Application for New Home Construction, pg. 27, Attachment 1(a) or Home Modification, pg. 29, Attachment 1(b).
  3. Along with any other required documentation and the required fee. Please allow the allotted time period for your application to be reviewed. Incomplete information only delays your project.
  4. ARC Review.
  5. The Committee will review your application and perform any site inspections. You will be contacted if the ARC has questions or if there are problems with your request. Note: The ARC enforces community guidelines but it is up to you to make sure you meet local permit requirements.
  6. Approval or Rejection.
  7. You will be notified of the approval or rejection of your request. If you have questions, please contact the community manager, Sanjay Suri,

The Architectural Review Board members are:

  • John Rhett, Chair and Architect
  • , Resident Member
  • John Sanborn, Advisory Council Liaison

Contact ARC by Email 

Both the design guidelines and application documents are available here in electronic form.