Board of Directors

Until 90% of the lots in our community have been sold, Spring Creek Community Association, Inc.'s Board of Directors is appointed by Spring Creek's developer, Spring Creek Land Development, LLC, and is therefore under developer control. In May of 2017, the developer added a homeowner representative to the Board. The Board exercises full governance authority over the Association, which is a non-stock corporation formed in accordance with the Virginia Property Owner’s Association Act. The Association is responsible for managing the subdivision's common areas, and its Board does so by appointing officers, setting assessments and the budget, establishing rules and corporate policies of the Association, and approving contracts. Board members’ discretion is guided by their business judgment and their fiduciary duty to the corporation.

The Board of Directors members are:

C. Dice Hammer, President

Steven C. Krohn, Vice President

Garrett M. Smith, Secretary,

Tonna B. Buono, Treasurer

David Eames, Homeowner's Representative,